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Système de télécommande pour PC sans unité de commande

Attention: Interdit en France  « Télécommande pour transceivers » / Unité de télécommande pour transceivers .


As a complement to the existing hardware based Remoterig system we now release a PC-based client software which can be used instead of the RRC-1258 at the control side. This is convenient for those who for example travel and  want to remote control the radio from a laptop from many different places. The only hardware needed besides the PC is the RRC-Micro USB Audio codec/PTT box which is supplied and a headset. You must also have a control software like HamRadioDeLuxe to control the radio. The Remoterig PC-client handles the audio and data transfers between the PC and the RRC-1258MkII at the radio QTH. When installed the PC-Client presents 3 virtual comports which can all be used in the same way as in the hardware based system. The RRC-Micro and the PC-Client do NOT support CW. The software now released is the first public beta version and there are certainly bugs. We appreciate bug reports and will try to fix them as soon as possible. You can download and install the software, before you order. Everything works but it's not possible to connect to the remote RRC.


RRC-Micro and PC-Client software licence  
The software licence and the RRC-Micro Codec/PTT box are sold together.

The RRC-Micro Codec/PTT handling the audio Mic and headset and are also working as a licence key to enable the software functions.

The Mic audio always have to go via  the RRC-Micro the speaker audio can be configured via other audio cards.

A USB cable are supplied together with the RRC-Micro
RRC-Micro and RRC-1258MkII-Radio (bundle)  
For people who do not already have a Remoterig system there is a package with a RRC-Micro Code/PTT box and a RRC-1258MkII Radio Box.

Software system overview

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